I constantly forget the RRD command-line arguments and details, and I have to re-learn them every time I use it. Therefore, I decided to create this simple wizard which shows the basic RRD features.

Ideas to make this tool better

More sanity checks
Before generating the RRD create command, every value has to be sanitized well.
For example, you cannot have a negative step.
Sample graphs
When a user has done their graph definition, generate some sample RRD and some values, then plot a sample graph as a preview.
As commented by other users
Tooltip (or "?" link) explanation on what is "Archives count".
Steps could be adjusted to always include the usual time intervals (whole hours, half hour, whole days, whole months).
Add an alternative listbox for "Rows", so that you can choose an usual interval from there, or enter the rows count yourself.
Separate RPN wizard
Which could work with some more complex use-cases and also with multiple RRD files as data sources.